Furuta Seitain Medical Group.

Founded in July 2015 by Mr Takashi Furuta the clinic offers manipulative therapy and sports rehabilitation integrating techniques based on Chiropractic and Ostepathy as well as Physiotherapy.

Our focus is to provide our pacients a 1-1 intergrative service aiming to achieve real results to any muscular disfunction and to guide you to a healthy lifestyle.

In June 2016 Mr Herrold Mora Physiotherapist, joined our team, is for this now that we are able to offer English speaken services to all Matsumoto expats and surronding neighborhoods of Nagano Prefecture.


We welcome you and hope you find with us a helpful relief for you back pain and other related conditions!!!




Services we offer:

  • Back pain            
  • Neck pain
  • Sports injury
  • Headaches
  • Chest/Rib pain
  • Sholuder pain
  • Hip/pelvic pain
  • Knee/Ankle/foot pain
  • Back pain in pregnancy


Finding a Practitioner who understands changing health care needs whilst incorporating the most current techniques and approaches to addressing health problems can be a difficult task especially so far away from home. We hope that you will find with us the solution to your to any health concern you might have.




  • Consultation with your Therapists who specialise in back / neck / joint / nerve/ muscle pain.

  • Diagnose & identify the causes of your pain

  • Recommend and provide a specific treatment plan to get you out of pain.


Opening times:


Monday: 8:30-12md / 13:00-18:30

Tuesday: 8:30-12md / 15:00-21:00

Wednesday: ~

Thursday: 8:30-12md / 13:00-18:30

Friday: 8:30-12md / 13:00-18:30

Saturday: 8:30-12md / 13:00-18:30


  • First visit/Consultation       1500yen

Treatment course

  • Single (30min-40min)       4500yen
  • Double (60min-70min)      8500yen
Maternity course
  • Single (30min-40min)       3500yen
Add up 15min                              2000yen
                                                                                                                                          Kinesiology Taping                       500yen
                                                               Package 6 visits 26000 yen (1000yen discount)